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Outlander Damion of Ryafell -- Hello all
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Rene Cardith -- Time to eat your faces

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Location: New Alenia Space Port
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House Name: Trinity-Cardith-Romefeller
Honourifics: Citizen
Race:: Hybrid Anthroa
Fiefdom: Neutralia
Coronets: Leviathan
Sexuality :: Bisexual - Female Pref
Metaphysics:: AWESOME
Epistemology:: Knowledge is Power
Religion:: It's okay in small doses
Ethics:: None
Political:: Left-Centrist
Economics:: Free Market Capitalism
Law:: Moderate
Character Alignment:: Lawful Good
Federal Unit:: Kingdom of Y
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Rene Cardith

Hand of The Prophet

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Apr 28 2013, 10:11 PM
Apr 28 2013, 10:49 AM

Testing to see if I can close the polls after a certain timelimit, I know you can on ZB but can you do it here...

Aaaand nope you can't... DAMMIT!
Apr 28 2013, 09:05 AM
May not be much but the community here has racked up 200 posts, this one probably breaking that mark to 201.

EDIT: Now HOW the hell did we speed from 201 to 312? o.O
Apr 26 2013, 11:16 PM
OOC: Just to host the first formal event since the rebirth of the region, I hearby declare this the official ball thread to roleplay in! There will be events held here and there, and awesomeness all around, but do not think just because an event in the thread ends, it means the tread dies... as life progresses, you can do pretty much anything, just beware of what you do as the wrong thing could very well end your life. Also TL;DR people, skip to the bottom of the page for shorter explanation of things.

QUOTE (Invitation)
To: All peoples of the Galaxy and Beyond
From: The Holy Trinity of Families Cardith, Waynerite, and White (Rene Cardith)

Greetings citizens, nobles, kings, queens, and all inbetween. I am Rene Cardith and I hearby invite you to the annual Andromeda Ball held here on New Alenia every ten years or so. This years theme is fairly simple: a masquerade ball!

Collect a mask, put on your best formal attaire, and come join in the festivities of the party. Please leave all hate for your enemies and dislikes at the door, please do not bring any weapons, and please do not try to bicker over political saber rattling of wranglings within our beloved civilization. This event is to leave all our troubles behind, and just exist within the moment of all that is grand and prosperous within our galaxy that could very well end soon within our lifetime with the onward spiral collision between the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies within the coming centuries.

Hope to see you there!

P.S. OH! And if you bring children we can arrange for them to have their own little subformal ball if they are not old enough to understand adult parties yet (4-10 range).

The Gothic palace stood in the northern part of the capitol ultrapolis of New Alenia, home of The Greater Sun. The building had been used by the Trinity of Families ever since the founding of the Greater Sun some six hundred years ago. It was amazing how the families within this noble part of space and the galaxy had survived without genetic failure of the species or had not broken down into civil war or broken apart from overconflict for so long. The flag of The Trinity known simply as Polaris as it's nickname flying on the six lower poles of the palace, and the two higher flags flying the flag of The Greater Sun.

The palace from the outside looked pretty bleek, dark, and downright ominous and scary but once you passed through the front doors into the foyer of the palace, you were welcomed with a gold-colored room, high class construction from centuries gone past, but had been constantly updated within whilst keeping the structure of the palace in check. Between the stairs was a hall that lead to several rooms on both sides, above each room was a nation's coat of arms that had some sort of dealings with the Greater Sun, if they chose to have an embassy room and live within the palace... there was about one-hundred rooms in total on both sides, the rooms within each being the size of a small apartment with living facilities n all. Only two out of these hundred rooms were used though, but not by diplomats but by the other two Lords of the Manor because they found that they needed their own space at times.

Upstairs were three sets of double doors, each leading to the same room, the grand ball room. 10,000 square foot in area, and at the center back of the room, a grand stage where an orchestra would play during formal events, deejays would blast music during mass raves, and other events as well... if plays were held, the ballroom would be morphed into a 360 playground with people on the edges of the room watching the action going on within the set below, with the aid of nanocreation technology. The room could probably hold a lot of people, but was more then likely never filled to it's max capacity ever because who on earth would have so many guests at events like this? Certainly not them.

Downstairs to the left wing of the palace were different things, first double doors was a Library, where hundreds of millions of books, scrolls, and other articles of information were housed on the six floors of this room. Some were locked away in a wing of the Library on the very top known as Star Scroll the Bearded wing, which was only allowed access by the highest of personnel such as the heirs to the throne and the noble family members themselves... and nothing was to ever be taken out under the penalty of death.

Further down you would find a massive kitchen, where all the food would be prepared for guests, diplomats, and so on, next door to that was a mass dining hall where feasts were held in any occasion, sometimes for no reason.

At the end of the wing would break off into four hallways, twenty-five rooms on each side of each hallway, usually given to just about anyone that wished to use them, except for the furthest back halls, which housed the butlers and maids of the noble family.

The right wing was much more interesting than the left... the first door you came to was not a wooden one, but a steel, windowless door about seven inches thick, with a palm and lifesign scanning system. Behind this door is a room that no outsiders are allowed unless allies in war and in dire need of help with strategy of defending their worlds and such.

Ironically next to this room, further down, was an atrium, a good acre in size, with a glass roof to allow light in, with all sorts of plants, trees, and even animals here and there running about in the room... the staff of this room kept it well maintained, controlled, and looking beautiful year round and made sure the animals if any more were born from events not spoken out loud, were released into the wild whilst keeping a decent population within the room. One of the most commonly seen animals in this room is the Cross Fox Glowi, a glowing eared and tail tip fox with strange habits of being friendly toward outsiders, even though they were still considered wild animals. They usually ate berries or small animals like mice and birds to help control the population a bit more and keep the Palace pest free.

Further down you came to a similar set up to the left wing, however instead of four hallways, there was eight, and at the end of the very back hallways, was staircases on both sides, leading up to two more floors... this area was never used unless massive amounts of family or guests arrived in this place and wished to stay over the night.

At the end of the hall was two rooms, both large. On the left, you had a games room, where you could play just about any game imaginable within the room... 150 consoles of each type, 100 computers, 10 board game tables with various selections of games... and a massive server collection uplinked to all the systems within the room on 24/7.

On the right however, was a more important room: a miniature hospital. 100 nurses and 10 doctors all had their quarters toward the back of the room in their own section and the room was sectioned up to allow examination rooms, and so on, and even it's own surgical facility to allow events such as child birth, minor to moderate surgery, dentistry and other facilities to be utilized so no one had to leave the palace in the event someone got sick, hurt, pregnant, or other event that needed medical attention.

Going back to the foyer is an elevator to the left of the main doors, this elevator can be used via keycode combination, and leads down into the Royal Guard barracks and armory where the guard can move freely within the confines of their own underground headquarters... there is about 1000 guards under the command of the royal family at the palace alone, and all live underground and can pop up anywhere within the grounds of the palace via tunnel network dispatch.

Out back of the palace is a medium sized park about the size of Central Park in New York, with even more untamed yet managed life within the park. There is a pond for swimming, fishing, paddle boat rides, and feeding of the Millennium Geese that live near the shore. There is a walking trail throughout the entire park in a winding circle, and plenty of spots to have a picnic and have fun... many civilians that aren't afraid they'll piss off the royal family come here just for the park and to have a good time, not that the people in the palace mind, they just advise people to be careful and not to open any hidden tunnel entrances if they happen to find any.

Beyond the park is a farming facility, where veggies and fruits are grown year round due to hydrophonics and environment control which allows for the food as far as plant grown goes, to be used without having to bring in supplies unless there is a major event going on and the palace needs a major increase in supplies. There is also it's own personal Fission power plant in this area too in order to keep the palace powered in the very unlikely event that power is lost to the entirety of the Ultrapolis.

All in all, counting up the people living within the palace, one would say the trinity is pretty well off, making money off of their rule, and in turn, making their people happy.

Parking... well, the parking is handled by valet service which is capable of storing 100,000 vehicles in the garage under the palace... not that many are ever gonna be stored down there, but it is possible as you never know what might be lurking... and the garage is like a CD changer, park it into one slot, press a button and it drops and rotates according to a number... very complicated system.

TL;DR: Big ass palace that is six hundred years old, lotsa room for guests, family, and diplomats of the Greater Sun, looks scary on the outside due to old Gothic architecture in the outer portions, but the entire inside of the palace has been torn out, remodeled, and modernized in order to make things look awesome for the hell of it all. 1k guards, 100 servants, 3 nobles with no other family or children known as of yet... pretty empty in terms of usage of space.
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