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Outlander Damion of Ryafell -- I just moved from God to The Acendancy
Outlander Damion of Ryafell -- Hello all
Leonardo -- Calm down
Rene Cardith -- Time to eat your faces
Rene Cardith -- Time to eat your faces

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 Posted: Apr 19 2013, 02:51 PM
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N/A Romefeller
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Walls of spam have long kept us out, but now the uncivilised hordes of the Eurosphere have broken into the one real bastion of civilisation, The Ascendancy. In a fashion befitting of our evil occupation we will be censoring all negative comments, and clothing ourselves in a veneer of benevolent autocracy. Also, only members of the Hegemony are permitted to use public conveniences during the occupation. Addendum: We are here as long as the Trinity will permit us, before they come to save the day.

This was lead by of TNI and the LKE with , , SovCon (, , ), , , , , & [nation=short]The Ascendancy[/nation] support.

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